Friday, 20 April 2012

I Like My Ice Tray

Living in a third world country forces an entirely new perspective on a person. I find myself truly thankful when we have electricity and water. It only takes one day without these utilities to discover how much you had been taking them for granted. You quickly learn to thank God for the little things, like the screens on your windows and the rain. So many people here depend on rainfall to water their crops and therefore sustain their family that having any kind of drought can quickly escalate into a serious problem. 

Take ice cubes for example. In the States you are expected to have them stocked up in your freezer. IN FACT, most people can access these frozen angels at the touch of a button, and they come tumbling out of their very nice freezer. When we first moved to Uganda we quickly discovered that a nice, cool glass of water on a hot day (which is everyday) was almost essential to keep us from melting into human puddles. My slight exaggeration aside, I had never before realized how nice it is to have these on hand. But I was so thankful that we did. 

So if you get nothing else from this post, just remember to thank God for your ice cubes next time they tumble out of your freezer, because it's the little things we tend to take for granted.


  1. How very true, Erika. I hope you realize how fortunate you are at your young age to have such insight. God bless you all and keep you safe.

    Great job on the blog! You have a gift for writing. :)

  2. Glad your eyes have been opened at such an impressionable age - the rest of life will be easier now. God bless you and everything you set your hands to. You are loved and prayed for by so many you don't even know...yet!